The Duke University Libraries supports open access publishing in a number of ways, one of which is setting aside 1% of its overall collections budget for open initiatives. The following is a list of projects and open publishing venues the Libraries contribute to. It covers a wide range of disciplines and could be suitable for your publication.


Preprints database for physics, math, computer science, quantitative biology and finance, and statistics.

Duke holds a membership.

Corpus of American English

Most resources free to the public to use. Duke invests in the project to gain access to advanced features for researchers.

Electronic, interdisciplinary journal addressing scientific solutions to issues of modern human activities.

Duke contributes to the nonprofit collaborative effort to fund the journal.

Electronic journals in physics disciplines.

These journals are supported by the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP3), which redirects subscription costs for libraries into collaborative, alternative funding models that allow open access to articles at no cost to authors or readers.

Provides open access to books in various disciplines.

Duke supports the initiative by purchasing books in print for the university’s collection in order to enable more monographs to be made open.

Makes books published by North Carolina presses more accessible to all NC LIVE member libraries.

Duke has a membership at NC LIVE to gain access to the books made available by the project.

An initiative to fund and explore new models of open access publishing.

Duke has a membership in the OAN at the Benefactor Level.

Publishing platform that supports academic journals from across the humanities disciplines.

Duke is a part of the international consortium of libraries that supports the OLH.

Comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers.

Most resources free to the public to use. Duke invests in the project to gain access to advanced features for researchers.

Publisher of open access journals in a number of disciplines including communication, politics, and the social sciences.

Duke holds a membership that allows university authors to publish in Cogitatio journals free of charge.

Open access publisher of monographs in the humanities and beyond.

Duke supports Punctum at an institutional support level, providing funding for the publisher to produce monographs free of charge to authors.

Publisher of multidisciplinary open access journals.

The Libraries have an institutional support model that offers Duke authors a 15% discount on any publication fee for any Frontiers journal.


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