Duke offers several publishing options for researchers who want to share their work, create digital supplements to printed scholarship, or experiment with new forms of scholarly communication. The table below lists the most commonly used platforms that are available to most (or all) Duke users, locally supported, and public-facing.

Platform Description Typical User Cost
Sites Express  A free WordPress-based website hosting service, formerly known as Sites@Duke. (More information…) Any Duke affiliate who wants to publish content in a locally supported platform equipped with common plugins and capabilities.  Free.
Sites Pro A semi-custom Drupal-based website hosting and development service. (More information…) Departments, programs, and large campus organizations. $3,000 initial cost + $250/month maintenance
Duke Web Services custom development  An OIT development service that creates completely custom websites and helps with building content and publication workflows. (More information…) Large organizations in need of a publishing option beyond what’s possible with Sites Pro. Variable, but generally expensive
OIT Virtual Machines (VMs) Essentially standalone servers that allow complete software customization for setting up research and publishing solutions. (More information…) Users or groups with a high level of technical expertise and the capacity to maintain both the server and publishing software. Free (time-limited, experimental, user-maintained) or paid (extra storage and RAM, long-term use, optional OIT administration and support). OIT support ranges from $170-585 / yr. Storage and support prices are available at https://oit.duke.edu/help/articles/kb0025194.
Research Data Repository A service allowing researchers to archive and share important data related to their work. (More information…) Duke affiliates who need to allow long-term access to, citation of, and preservation of their data. Free up to 100GB per deposit, plus $0.29 per additional GB per year and a charge of $1.45 to $7.05 per GB depending on preservation time (5-25 years).
DukeSpace An open-access repository for publications by Duke authors. (More information…) Duke affiliates who need an openly-available location to share dissertations, theses, and other published scholarship. Free.
ArcGIS Online/StoryMaps Tools for publishing interactive maps and rich multimedia narratives. (More information…) Scholars who want to experiment with new forms of publication, share geospatial analyses or map-based tools, or collaboratively build interactive maps. Free.
Tableau  Often used for publishing data visualizations. (More information…) Users who would like to create visualizations based on their data and share them publicly. Free.

Available Support in the Libraries

  • Digital Scholarship and Publishing Services: DSPS staff have expertise in project planning, management, and development; digital humanities methods (particularly text analysis); and a wide variety of publishing platforms. We regularly offer instruction on all of these topics, and we partner with researchers to plan and build their work. For a consultation, please contact us at askdigital@duke.edu.
  • Center for Data and Visualization Sciences: CDVS offers staff expertise in data science, visualization, research data management and data curation, analysis, cleaning, and related programming tasks and platforms (e.g. Python, R). In addition, CDVS supports both Tableau and ArcGIS Online/StoryMaps, as well as other forms of spatial data analysis. Contact CDVS staff at askdata@duke.edu.
  • ScholarWorks: Our staff are available to consult on a wide range of publishing needs and scholarly communication questions. We can help with identifying and engaging audiences, measuring impact and use, copyright and fair use, finding repositories and publication venues for scholarship, making work open-access, and the Elements publication history service. Contact the ScholarWorks team at scholarworks@duke.edu.