Image of planning and building toolsScholarWorks staff are available to help you plan, build, manage, and sustain digital scholarship projects. We offer consultations, instructional programs, and project partnerships to help you undertake digital research and publishing.

We are able to consult and connect you with resources at every phase of the digital research lifecycle:

Formulation & Planning: project design, data structure and management consultation, identification of funding sources, grant writing consultation, locating and analyzing comparable projects, consideration of legal issues

Development: project team management, software selection, data storage and backup, software development (programming), selection of appropriate data analysis tools and techniques, training and workshops in digital scholarship methods and software, regular consultation with project team

Sharing: selecting publication platforms, using appropriate metadata for access and discovery, promoting your work, cultivating and engaging a user community, assessment of impact and audience, reporting results, long-term sustainability and management strategy

Learn more about how we can help with specific key activities from initial project planning to maintenance, dissemination, and archiving.

  • Project planning: How can you ensure that your project will be feasible and sustainable?
  • Preparing content for digital scholarship: What considerations apply to different types of data and different types of projects? Where and how can you digitize content for your work?
  • Text analysis: Which methods for computational text analysis are appropriate, and what results might they yield?

Connect with us: To ask questions or set up a consultation, email