Dr. Joel Goldberg: Archiving Patents in the DukeSpace Repository

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The DukeSpace repository is home to scholarly works from across the University, from academic articles and dissertations to research data and book reviews. But beyond even those more “traditional” academic outputs, the repository also provides a place for faculty members and researchers to archive their patents. Dr. Joel Goldberg, professor of anesthesiology, has recently deposited a number of these in the repository. “Patent applications…published by the USPTO are difficult to retrieve” through most search engines or via

PubMed Central, Dr. Goldberg said. Publications in DukeSpace are indexed by major search engines, including Google Scholar, which allows for free, direct download by users across the globe. The repository, which is managed by Duke Libraries, provides a permanent link to the article or patent that is guaranteed to remain stable. This takes the onus off of faculty to host their work on their own sites, which generally requires frequent maintenance to ensure that the links remain active.

Uploading works to DukeSpace is done using the Elements publications management system, accessible to all faculty and researchers at the University. The process is quick and requires only a few clicks of your mouse.


You can read more about Dr. Goldberg and his research on his Scholars@Duke profile.